SMS 2-Factor Authentication


OneLogin Multi-Factor Authentication Setup Instructions for SMS

Initial Navigation:


1. Navigate to:

2. Enter your FNU username on the first screen and your password on the second screen

3. Add your phone number by going to the upper right hand corner menu and select Profile. 

    There you should be able to enter your phone number. Make sure to save changes.


4. Then click Security Factors on the left navigation menu

5. In the Security Factors page, select Add Factor to add a new authentication factor.

6. Select Onelogin SMS from the drop down menu


7. Click Send Security Code to mobile. OneLogin sends a security code to the mobile number 

    Specified earlier. Input the code received into the Security Code field and click Continue.

8. Your registered device appears under Authentication Devices in the security page.

    When you log in, upon logging in, you may be prompted for your SMS Security Code

    depending on the security settings your admin has configured. Your code is sent    

    automatically to your device and is valid for 120 seconds. Enter the security code 

    and click Log In.

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