How to Save Big Blue Button (BBB) Videos to your Mobile Device (Apple)


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Downloading BBB sessions

Before you can sync BBB video content over to your Apple mobile device, you will first need to download some videos. To do this, simply go to the course which you would like to save sessions from, and locate the BigBlueButton landing page, located in the Course Content Folder.

After opening the BigBlueButton landing page, you should see a list of recorded sessions for that course.

Click the video link of the video(s) you want to save and the video will open up in a new tab of your web browser. 

Right click on the video and you should have an option to "Save video as..."

Select this option and then you will be prompted to save the file to a location on your computer and give it a file name.

Importing BBB sessions to iTunes

Open iTunes and go to the Movies tab, located near the top-left corner of iTunes.

Open the folder location of where you saved the BBB sessions earlier, and drag the files into iTunes.

By default, the iTunes Movie tab, will take you to 'My Movies'. After adding a BBB video into iTunes, you will see a 'Home Videos' tab appear, in the top center of iTunes, if you are on the Movie tab. (See image below for reference)


Syncing BBB sessions to iTunes

Now that you have added the videos into iTunes that you want to sync to your device, plug in your device.

In the top-left corner of iTunes you should see an icon for your mobile device. This icon will be located under the "Store" & "Help" menu bar options shown in the image above.

After selecting your device, you will have a sidebar appear in iTunes. 

Select "Movies"

On the movies page you will see a Check Box at the top of the page that says "Sync Movies". Check the box.

After checking the box, you should be able to select the videos that you want to sync to your device, by checking the box next to the video you want to sync. (See image below for reference)


After selecting the videos that you want to save, click Apply.

After clicking Apply, iTunes should begin syncing the video content to your device. Once the sync has completed, you can access the videos on your device in the Videos App, which should be a default application on your Apple device.

If you have any trouble or run into any problems while attempting to sync BBB content to your device, please feel free to contact technical support at 859-899-2525 or contact us via email at

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