When I click on BigBlueButton in my course, I just see a blank screen...

This is caused by your browser's security settings blocking access to the tool. You have to go through the same steps that you go through when accessing videos or other external content, as the browser may be blocking it so that it looks like a blank screen.  To allow the content to show (in this case, the Join Meeting button), you should click on the browser's shield as noted below.
  • You may not see the shield in your browser until you click on "BigBlueButton."  The shield only appears once you visit a page with unsecure content.  
  • Sometimes when you do click on the shield you will be taken back to your course's home page.  Just navigate back to BigBlueButton and you should not have to click the shield again while you stay in your browser.


If you are in Chrome, click on the shield to the right of the URL:
Inline image 1
If you are in Firefox, click on the shield to the left of the URL:
Inline image 3
Once you have done that, you should see the JOIN MEETING button.
I'm getting a "Connection cannot be established" error...
This is most likely being caused by Java or Flash needing to be updated.  You can run this test and see if any issues come up: http://test-install.blindsidenetworks.com/check/
If any issues are noted, you can fix them or contact IT at 859-899-2525 or email us at support@frontier.edu. Chrome seems to work best with BBB.
Other Tips
  • Always use a headset with microphone.
  • BBB works best in Chrome or Firefox.
  • If you have sound issues, you can always call in to the session.  Once you login, the phone number is found in the chat window:
    Inline image 1
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