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Gmail App

If you already set up a signature while on a computer, your regular signature will be automatically attached to emails you send from the Gmail app unless you set up a mobile signature to use instead.

Click here to download the Gmail App if you are viewing from your mobile device

(NOTE: The Gmail app is not the default Mail App on iPhone. If you setup your FNU Gmail account using the iPhone or iPad's Native Mail app, follow the instructions below.)


Native Mail App

Setting up your signature on iPhone using the Mail app can be done by following these simple steps.

1.) Go to the Settings app.

2.) Find and select Mail, Contact, Calendars.


3.) In the Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings, look for Signature.


4.) On this page, you can edit your signature to be used by all accounts on your device, or an individual signature for each email account.

To edit the signature for all accounts, select All Accounts.

Then edit the signature box below. The default signature is "Sent from my iPhone". Tap on the box and you will be able to edit your signature. The signature will save automatically, so once you have edited it to your liking, use the arrow in the top left to leave the settings.

If you would like to setup separate email signatures for your accounts, select Per Account.

After selecting Per Account, you should have an email signature field for each account on your device. The name of the account will be the description name for the email address. You can check your description by going to the previous screen and selecting your account at the top of Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Then you can see or edit the description to make sure you are updating the correct signature with the correct account.

To edit the signature boxes, just tap on each one and edit it to your liking. Once you have updated the signatures, you can go to the previous page and close the Settings app.

For signature requirements, please refer to the proper link below:

(Note: You must be signed into Canvas for the links)

Student Signature Requirements

Faculty/Staff Signature Requirements


If you need any assistance with this, please contact FNU IT Dept. at 859-251-4545 or via email at

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