How to Download Course Videos to your Android Device Using Mac OSX


Downloading The Videos

Before you can sync videos to your device, you will need to download them to your computer.

In Canvas, this can be easily done.

When you are on a page with a video, click the play button and then move your mouse to the top-right corner of the video to click the pop-out button.

Once you click the pop-out button, the video should open in another tab.

At the top of the new tab, you should see the symbols below. Click the arrow pointing down to download the video to your computer.

After downloading the video, open the download location. If you are using chrome you can click the drop-down arrow in the lower-left corner and click Show in Finder.

Leave the Finder window open for now, as we will use it later to transfer the video.


Transferring Videos to Your Android Device

Before you are able to transfer files to your Android device on a Mac, you must first download the Android File Transfer application.

The software can be found here: Click here to download Android File Transfer

Click the green Download Now button.

After downloading, install the application. If you are in Google Chrome, you will see the file in the lower-left corner. Click the filename to run.

To install, you will be prompted to move the Application to the Applications Folder. To do so, click and drag the Android File Transfer icon to the Applications folder.

After you have done this, you are now ready to transfer files to the device. 

Connect your device to the computer using the charge cable. The Android File Transfer icon should appear on your dock. If it is bouncing, click the icon and you may have to verify that you want to open the file. See the image below for reference.

Click Open, then the File Viewer should open.

Once the File Viewer opens, open the Movies folder.

Now go back to your Finder folder where the downloaded file is located. Click and Drag the video files you want to transfer to your device to the File Viewer window.

(Note: To view the animation above at a higher resolution, Control+Click the image and select Open in New Tab.)

Once the file has been added to the device, you can watch the video using the Photos, Gallery or Video App.

Using the Photos or Gallery App, select the Video and then you may be prompted regarding which App you want to use to play the video. Select your preference, and then the video should play. 

If you are using the Video App, you will not be prompted to select a viewing App.


If you need further assistance, please contact FNU IT Dept. at 859-899-2525 or via email at

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