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Topics are the core of Google Groups, where people connect and exchange information with all those who have access to the group.

Because a single group may contain thousands of topics, Google Groups offers several ways to locate a particular topic:

  • through the topic list
  • through tags or categories
  • through search
  • and through filters.

Viewing a Topic List

When viewing a group’s topic list, click ‘Topic list options’ to change the list from ‘Standard view’, to ‘Compact list view’, or, to show or hide details of each topic.

Question marks and quotation marks identify which topics are questions and which are discussions. When the question mark is green, the topic has been marked by the manager as answered; when a quotation mark is green the discussion has been marked as completed.

A grey lock indicates that a topic can be read but no longer accepts replies. A red lock indicates that a topic does not accept replies, nor managerial actions.

Finding Topics using the Search Bar

You can search for topics and individual messages in a group from most of the pages in that group. For a more refined search, click on the down arrow in the search field. You can search within selected groups, and with certain categories or tags. Search by message author, assignor, or assignee, or limit your search to specific text. You can include or exclude attributes such as ‘has attachments’ or ‘is answered’. Click the search button to view your results.


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