How to assign email links to open in Gmail in Windows 10.


First, we will need to set our email default to Google Chrome. 


Step 1:

Click the Windows Start button on the bottom left of the screen then select the Settings icon.



Step 2:

Next, we'll go to the Apps settings.



Then, to Default apps, where we need to click on Email and select Google Chrome.



Step 3:

Now we are going to make sure we are signed into Google Chrome. Click the 3 dots at the top-right of your Chrome window and select Settings from the menu.



From the Settings menu, the first option you should see is Sign In. If you are already signed in with your personal email account then you will need to Sign Out.

 - If it says Sign in, go ahead and sign in with your FNU account.

 - If it shows you are signed in with a personal email, click Sign Out and sign in with your FNU account.

 - If it shows you are already signed in with your FNU account you are good to move on to the next step.



Step 4:

Now you will need to open Gmail. You can do this by opening a new tab and clicking on "Mail"


Step 5:

Once Gmail is open, you should see a small diamond on the right of your address bar. Clicking on it will open a small window. Make sure "Allow" is selected and then click Done.



Now your email will open in Gmail when you click an email link.

If you have any questions please contact IT via or 859-251-4545

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    Jodi Dickey

    Very helpful and easy to follow instructions.

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