Microsoft Office activation


As a Frontier Nursing University student or faculty, you are able to access a three-year license for the most current version of Microsoft Office for free.

To sign up, please go to and sign up using your email address. This will grant you access to Office 365, which is the web version of Office. This version isn't as robust as the full version of Microsoft Office but will allow you to complete most simple tasks in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

To install Office, you can either stay on your account page or sign in using your email at this link:

At the top-right corner of the page, you should see Install Office. Clicking on this will provide a drop-down menu with "Office 365 apps" and "Other install options". You should select Office 365 apps, which will download the Office installer file for your operating system (Windows/Mac). From there, you simply need to run the installer and follow any instructions/prompts. Once you've installed Office, you should be prompted to sign in to Office with the same credentials you used on the website.

For students who need their password reset for Microsoft office, unfortunately, your Microsoft account is separate from your full email, so if you need your password reset please contact FNU IT Support at either or by calling us at (859) 251-4545.

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